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Choreographer and Artistic Director

Barry Avidan (1960) began his artistic path as a dancer with the “Shalom 80” dance company under the choreographer Gavri Levi, and continued his dance career with the “Jerusalem” dance company under the well known choreographer Yonatan Karmon. There he served as assistant choreographer and acquired the need and desire to create, the love and foundation for the Israeli culture through dance.

In 1984 he started his study at the “Betzalel” Academy for Art and Design in Jerusalem, and in 1988 he traveled to Paris to further his studies in several schools and academies for dance.

Since Avidan started his dance career, he has left his signature and influence as a choreographer on many of Israel’s dance troupes. Barry Avidan did, and was responsible for a great number of productions and performances of great importance like:

  • 2011 - Choreography at the national Isreal Independence Day ceremony, Mount Herzl
  • 2010 Chanuka - Choreography and Costume Design for the play 'Ali baba and the forty thieves'
  • 2000 - Artistic direction and choreography at the opening ceremony of Karmiel Dance festival.
  • 2000 - Artistic direction and choreography for a live television broadcast at the World Millennium Celebrations that was transmitted from Israel to all TV networks in the world
  • 1997 - Artistic direction and choreography at the opening ceremony of the 15th Maccabia.
  • 2000 - Creating a special show and performances at the Millennium celebrations in Epcot Center in Orlando FL.

In addition, Avidan did Staging and choreography for several musicals that were major productions in Israel. His experience and talent are being used as instructive lectures in the area of Ethnic Dance at the Rubin Dance and Music Academy in Jerusalem. Avidan is the creative force designing the costumes and artifacts for the troupes he serves as artistic director for, and for many troupes and performances in Israel and abroad. In the 20 years of the Karmiel Festival in Israel, Barry Avidan has won 14 prizes. In addition, he has won prizes in International festivals in France, China and Cicely.